2024 LIST of the BEST EVENTS to speak at to showcase your Talent

best events to speak at

BIG LIST of AUSTRALIAN BEST EVENTS to SHOWCASE your speaking talent and ability – The Platform wishlist for Keynote Speakers. Are you ready for Speaker Stardom? Do you want to showcase your message to the most influential buyers of speakers? Would you like to speak at the Most Leveraged Events on the BEST stages &
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2024 BEST Online Courses, Membership Sites and LMS Platforms & Experts

Online Courses

Best Resources for Speakers & Presenters creating Online Courses using LMS Learning Management Systems or Membership Sites Many speakers and presenters are pivoting from delivering LIVE IN PERSON training to offer a range of ONLINE COURSES & HYBRID EVENTS due to the Corona Crisis and Working From Home. Here is a compilation of some of
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2024 BEST Speaker Bureaus & Talent Managers in Australia & NZ

Speakers Bureaus

Who Are The TOP Speakers Bureaus & Talent Managers In Australia & NZ? Need a Speakers Bureau Consultant to help find hot & new talent for your conference or event? Want to enquire about a big name celebrity or ‘hard to get’ expert to headline your event? Are you a speaker who wants to get
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2024 LIST of Organisations & Events wanting a Guest Speaker – Where to get started speaking

Guest Speaker for Free

BEST Events for a New or Guest Speaker or Online Presenter to speak for Free or a Low Fee Would you like to get started as a speaker or presenter? Need to find an audience to get more speaking experience and practice? Would you like to make a difference to people and find groups wanting
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2024 BEST WEBSITES of Keynote & Conference Speakers

Speaker Website

How to Build the BEST WEBSITE for a Speaker or Expert – with examples by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Specialist Practice Consultant and Speaker Is your WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA helping you attract and convert more clients? Would you like to see examples of some of the BEST WEBSITES for Speakers & Experts in the
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How to Engage with Your Business Story  

Presentation Tips for Business Owners, Founders, CEOs & Entrepreneurs telling their own Business Story by David Staughton CSP CCEO, Keynote Speaker on Business Growth in Tough Times and Expert on Small Business Many successful business owners and entrepreneurs get asked to tell their own business story – the story of their life journey or their
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2024 BEST Video Experts & Videographers for Speaker Videos

Video Expert Videographer

Who are the BEST VIDEO EXPERTS to make Conference Videos for  Speakers & Presenters? By David Staughton CSP CCEO, Professional Speaker and Specialist Practice Consultant Do you need a “Video Guy”, Video Cameraman or a Videographer to record your conference presentations? Want a Video Editor or Video Production to edit & produce your video footage
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2024 Conference Speaker MARKETPLACE – Who Buys & Hires Presenters?

Speaker Buyers

Australian Conference Speaker & Event MARKETPLACE for Professional Presenters and Online Talent An Overview of The Conference Speaker & Online Presenter Marketplace – Who buys them? Lots of different conference organisers! The marketplace for conference speakers and talent consists of thousands of events for audiences of every size. The Business Events Council of Australia (BECA)
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2024 Marketing CALENDAR for Conference Speakers and Presenters

Annual Marketing Calendar for Speakers

A 2024 PLANNING CALENDAR for Speakers & Presenters – Busy & Quiet Times For Conferences & Events In Australia  Would you like tips to plan your year as a Speaker? Want to know how to do your speaker marketing to get more gigs in quiet times? Need to manage your speaker income better by planning 
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2024 BEST Portrait & Headshot Photographers For Speakers and Experts

Best Photographers

Guide to the BEST Headshots for Experts, Trainers, Speakers & Presenters – How to use Portrait & Event photography to build your brand & business A great Headshot is absolutely ESSENTIAL for any Speaker or any true Professional. Preferably an ‘up to date’ headshot picture and one that currently reflects your identity and brand –
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